Quick HIV and sexual disease diagnostic tests

Rapid tests that we use to diagnose HIV, HCV, and HBV feature high specificity and precision. After the test, we can assess whether the patient is healthy or requires extended diagnostics and therapy. In doubtful cases, tests verifying the obtained result will be recommended.

Only a small amount of blood is needed to perform rapid tests. With a single test, pricking a fingertip and applying a drop of blood directly onto the test is all that is needed. In the case of several tests, we recommend venous blood collection so that the right amount of test material is obtained with one prick (approx. 2 ml). After 20 minutes, the results are ready, and a decision can be made on taking PrEP or, in case of an STD detected, starting therapy for the diagnosed disease.

In addition, we offer rapid diagnostic tests for men for the detection of gonorrhoea and Chlamydia antigen based on a sample obtained from a urethral swab.