Infectious diseases

In the INTIMATE ZONE at the DERMEA clinic, you can get professional help during a consultation with infectious disease specialists. They possess the knowledge and many years of experience in their fields. The consultations relate to both Lyme disease, herpes labialis (cold sore), herpes zoster (shingles), among others, as well as management of detected diseases, such as hepatitis C. We believe that in any treatment, apart from reliable diagnostics, patient awareness is fundamental. We put great emphasis on easy to understand explanation of medical issues of a given disease. The proposed therapies, including Lyme disease, are in line with the recommendations of globally-recognised medical societies.

In the Infectious Disease Unit, we also offer hepatologic consultations regarding liver diseases, including fatty liver disease. It has become a disease of our time often caused by poor diet, reduced physical activity, and regular alcohol consumption. When fatty liver is associated with inflammation of the liver (elevated liver enzymes), in up to 30% of patients, the disease will eventually cause cirrhosis. However, fatty liver is reversible, but the success of the therapy depends on a quick response.

We ensure individual approach to each and every patient, and reliable treatment information. Full privacy, support and openness to all questions when providing services to our patients is what distinguishes us.